Monday, September 10, 2007

Work as an Assistant Wedding Photographer First

If you would like to take the leap into wedding photography, I highly recommend you work with an experienced wedding photographer before you journey out on your own. Shooting weddings is a big responsibility and can sometimes be overwhelming.

The whole day is a race against the clock, and if you're not experienced enough, or unprepared, it can be devastating. Working with an experienced wedding photographer or studio can be an eye opening experience. And good insight into what really goes on throughout the day. You may even decide this type of photography is not for you.

To get started, contact several wedding photographers in your area, explain to them that you are interested in wedding photography, and that you are offering your assistance for free. Free? Yes, that's right. It is highly unlikely that any experienced wedding photographer will take you on and let you run loose with your camera and pay you several hundred dollars. If you're lucky enough to find someone willing to take you on, you can expect to start out just carrying equipment.

Eventually you will set up and tear down this equipment. As time goes on, you may start shooting some candid shots. The ultimate goal is take over the shoot. Try to keep your eyes and ears open, and absorb as much information as you can. Resist the temptation to grab a camera and start shooting. If you start to show signs of becoming a loose cannon, you may risk losing your free education.

Eventually, if you hang in there, you will both develop trust, and a working relationship, and you may start shooting along the photographer. When the time comes and he/she says you're ready to solo under his/her watch, it is vital that you follow the same posing lighting techniques that the photographer uses.

Brides booked this particular photographer for 2 reasons, price and style. Learn all you can while being an intern. Become familiar with the business end of wedding photography also, not just the shooting aspects. You will know when the time comes to venture out on your own. You will start to become frustrated shooting the same style as your mentor, and will have the urge to do things your way.

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