Friday, June 29, 2007

Online Photo Sharing

You've probably heard or have taken part in the raging trend of digital photos and online photo printing. But, did you know how photo sharing services can impact the way you exhibit priceless memories? Photo sharing services give budding photographers fun and flexible options for their images among other special features.

Many photo sharing services allow users to upload their digital photographs straight into their online galleries. Users can also add tags, headers, and even arrange prints in funky slideshows. Like MySpace, several photo sharing sites let you invite friends and loved ones to "join" your group and view new photos whenever you update your gallery. notes that one photo sharing service, DropShots gives their customers a desktop application that makes drag-and-drop photo features a cinch. Many photo sharing services make the transfer-stage simple for those who aren't experts in the technology department.

Another great photo sharing site is Fotki, which allows members' friends and family to leave comments on their digital photo galleries. There is a world of opportunity in sharing digital memories and some of the best photo sharing services are recognizing the practical needs and entertainment-wants of avid photo fans.

Not only are digital images a fantastic way to preserve memories, while enhancing color and contrast, they cannot be ripped, fade, or lost if they are properly stored and copied. The Internet has revolutionized the ways in which we share our lives with loved phones, photo sharing services adding to our convenience.

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Kelly Liyakasa

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